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Feckenham Village Hall

An independent Charity run by volunteers
The Hall was built in 1935 on a site donated by Mr Frank Bradley. The construction costs were raised by public subscription and fundraising efforts. From the outset the Hall has been owned and operated by a charitable trust – Feckenham Village Hall Trust.
In 1961, following changes in the law, the Trust became a Registered Charity (No.:523140) and the title of the building was vested in the Charity Commissioner.

In 1984, following years of heavy use, it was decided to add a smaller Hall to the rear of the building for use for meetings and small gatherings. A small amount of storage was added at this time. The additional space, accommodating 40 people, was known as The New Room for many years but is now called The Back Room.
Pressure on storage space plus the deteriorating state of the fabric of the building made a complete refurbishment necessary in 2003. Grants were obtained from the National Lottery Community Buildings Fund and the Severn Waste Welcome to Our Future Fund and there was a great local fundraising effort. The Main Hall floor and ceilings were completely replaced and additional storage was added. The building’s heating system was converted to gas and the kitchen was extended and refitted.
In 2011 photo-voltaic panels were installed on the Hall’s roof. The consequent reduction in energy bills has played a great part in efforts to keep hire charges down.
In 2014 the kitchen, having had 11 years of year round daily use, was again completely re-fitted.
The interior decorations of the building are redecorated on a yearly basis by volunteers. Recently the Trustees  replaced much of the outdoor woodwork (fascias, etc) for the first time in 85 years. An upcoming project involves improvements to the entrance and windows of the Back Room.
Donations of any size are always welcome! We aim to maintain Feckenham Village Hall in good shape and in active use for current and future generations. Please contact us to see how you could help.
New Committee members are urgently needed. We meet monthly on the first Tuesday of the month. Meetings are practical, light hearted affairs and rarely last more than an hour. Committee members volunteer for as much practical assistance as they feel they can manage and undertake minor caretaking duties as well as assisting at larger functions. Please contact us for further information.

The Main Hall

Back room vignette.jpg
Back room vignette.jpg

The Back Room

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